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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Very San Francisco Wedding

From the sunny Mark Hopkins to the Legion of Honor at the foggy coast, by cable car, it was the essence of San Francisco for Bradie and Steve's wedding in May.
Entertainment for the ride was provided by yours truly with stumbles at numberous stops and starts of the cable car bus. I was assured that all groomsmen aboard were doctors, and I was in good hands. I held tight to the camera, and managed to get a few good photos.
I'm sure she has heard it before, but Bradie could be Carrie Bradshaw (Sex & the City character).  Bradie is full of joy, always, and carries herself with grace and enthusiasm.  Likewise, Steve is always smiling and happy.  The two emanate joy.

Bradie and Steve, may you enjoy a long and happy life together!

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